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Mom’s Growth Group

Kids Come Ready to Grow … Are You Keeping Up?


SistersWelcomeBrotherTuesday mornings we welcome all kids and moms to interact and grow together.  Contact us and see what you can experience here locally with your neighbors.


It’s about Jesus’ Resurrection!

EasterSunrise2April 20 at The Gazebo … You will hear the firsthand reports from the ancient source documents.  You will hear two personal stories of how the Risen Jesus impacted their lives today.
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Ephesians Sermon Series Begins


Starting March 2 we will work our way through Paul’s letter to Ephesians and hear powerful truths.  Written from prison in 62 AD this is about real life and its challenges.

We have become convinced that God’s Word is found in the Bible that we all have access to.  But it takes some humility to really hear the message of God there that gives us life.  You will hear of God’s offer to connect you to strength from Heaven, to others around you, to His weaponry to fight the real battles of life.  Ultimately He offers to connect you to Himself in the most intimate of ways.  You need to hear this for yourself.


Troop Care Packages Project – February 23


Members of Mountain Bible Church and Christ Child Catholic Church met Feb. 23 to make care packages for troops overseas.

We posted a few of last year’s pictures at Flickr page (press here).

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KidZrock at Sunday Learning Times


KidZrock! … Kids need stability in uncertain times: “Rock”. Kids want to have fun while they learn: Rock. Jesus told us He would be our Rock“! [click to continue…]