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Danielle's Dad

At this time of year we pause to thank God and thank families for the sacrifices we have received to stay free.  One of our members, Danielle Muto, shared this picture of her father, Daniel.  With an obvious strong link seen in their names they have a bond.  See her memories here.
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CamoNite®… a youth event, is November 7


CamoNite® is a longstanding annual Fall event at Mountain Bible Church, drawing junior high and high school students from all over the mountain and even in the valley. The event consists of a BBQ, Camo-Night game, and campfire. It’s held at the Mason Family’s property, deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There is ample parking there, but generally it is best to meet at the church’s parking lot at 4:00 p.m., and carpool. We will be back at the parking lot about 9:15 PM.

Co-sponsoring the event this year is our neighbor, Christ Child Catholic Church. All youth are welcome, even if they’ve never been to Mountain Bible. They can bring their friends too. Young college students are also welcome. There is a five-dollar charge for food. Call with any questions.

No permission forms are required but just an emergency phone number for that evening.

If you are an adult, and you’d like to help out, call Pastor John Haak at 408-353-2302.

Here are some pictures from our photo album:


God says, “You’re Hired!” – 1 Timothy Series


Ever think you are just ‘filling a spot’ on that Train to Glory?  That you have very little to offer to God to help Him in His plan?  Then you need to be with us on Sunday mornings to hear God in His word say, “You’re Hired!”.

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Small Groups for All


We have learned, “You have to get Small to get Big.”

New groups are forming at our church and one is an expansion of a proven approach for change:  “Celebrate Recovery”.  But our version is for us all to face “Hang Ups, Habits and Hurts”.  And there are other groups …  [click to continue…]


Finding Hope for Africa … Special Guest!


We are hosting an African who is on the front lines for his troubled people and region. His story is amazing to hear in person.   Come hear his story in our worship service Sunday, September 27.   [click to continue…]

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