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“Gazebo Church” Finale … August 7

Yes, that is a “Teacher on the Bleacher” from a past picnic.  We have outdoor church at the local, Loma Prieta Play Field on Summit Road.  At that park is a gazebo that the community saved from a shopping center remodel years ago; The Pruneyeard in Campbell.  It is now a symbol of achievement for our community as we worked together and have a great outdoor venue many enjoy.

So that is where we will hold church on Sunday, August  7.  This gathering around Jesus will allow the kids to mix with adults as we learn by object lesson and interaction.  This will not be anything like sitting and listening but true active learning.


The picnic is no-host so you bring whatever you would like but dessert will be provided.  We invite all to play in the park in any fashion but Whiffle™ ball will  be organized and modified so Kids are fully involved.

This is a great way to avoid the negatives of travel and traffic on the holiday weekend.  Stay local and meet some neighbors in a time-tested way of a community picnic.

Questions can be sent our way at mountainbible@gmail.com or 408-353-2302.

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