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After School Adventure for Early Release Wednesdays

We partner with Christ Child Catholic Church for the seventh year of a great after school option on Early Dismissal Wednesdays: “Kids Club”.  Make those early days out of school into times to learn of life.

K-5 kids from Loma Prieta Elementary school  and those who homeschool are all welcome to make Wednesdays from 1:30 to 3 into the best part of their week.  Two churches with diverse traditions offer this non-denominational program that fills a real need in every kid’s life.  Your kids will move their bodies with fun games, action-based songs and crafts.  They will move their minds to understand God’s gift of life from timeless Bible truths.


There is no cost for this great time.  We host it all at our building on Summit Road very near Loma Prieta Elementary School on their first bus stop.  It is a very safe place for the kids to be dropped off.  We can give you names if you want to arrange carpooling with other parents too.

“Free Samples” … parents are always welcome to “come and see” by attending with their child to experience for themselves the positive time we give your children as they learn of a loving Creator who wants them to have a relationship with Him through Jesus.


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