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Mountain Bible Church is a non-denominational church committed to God and community.

23946 Summit Road (Map)
Los Gatos, CA 95033
(408) 353-2302

We meet Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.

Our staff:
John Haak, pastor, full-time for all general needs. John has been a pastor with Mountain Bible Church since 1982. He is a graduate of San Jose Bible College, now known as William Jessup University. He was married in 1979, helped to raise two sons who have now grown and gotten married. He is a Founding Board Member of Love INC of Santa Clara County. John was a member of our local volunteer fire company for 26 years. He admits to being an addict of the San Francisco Giants with no recovery in sight. He is so bad that he wants two grandchildren named “Buster” and “Posey” (twins preferred).

Daniel Brandt, Youth Pastor
Daniel Brandt, Youth Pastor – part-time paid and working on his degree in Christian Leadership through the extension course of William Jessup University.

James Jurado, our Music and Worship pastor, part-time, and founder of a ministry to develop Christians in music and give practical aid to the poor. James brings our musicians into a highly skilled yet authentic leadership of worship for us all.

Basic Information:

Youth Groups
The junior high and high school groups meet at 7 p.m., Monday nights (some holidays excepted–call our office for information). This is a joint effort with Christ Child Catholic Church right down the street from us.

Mid-Week Adult Bible Studies
Contact us for current groups meeting.

If you’d like to meet with a pastor/elder, call the church’s office at (408) 353-2302.

Pastor Contact information:
Email: MountainBible@gmail.com
Office: (408) 353-2302

Meeting place: 23946 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033 (Google Map)