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“Gazebo Church” Finale … August 7

Yes, that is a “Teacher on the Bleacher” from a past picnic.  We have outdoor church at the local, Loma Prieta Play Field on Summit Road.  At that park is a gazebo that the community saved from a shopping center remodel years ago; The Pruneyeard in Campbell.  It is now a symbol of [click to continue…]


Summer Sermon Series

As our names says, the Bible is our focus for hearing God’s message of good news and even of life itself.  But how do we Begin?  Here is how God began to bring hope to the world and it still brings hope and direction. [click to continue…]


Running through July 25 … give everyone a break from the routine and come make new friends.  This is six Mondays you can count on having a great time. [click to continue…]


“Camp Kissner”: Adventures for All Summer

New members of our church and community, Dave and Stacy Kissner have brought great outdoor experiences for our youth and families: Quest Ministries.  Quest has been leading outdoor camping and backpacking adventures throughout California with youth and their families since 2008. [click to continue…]


KidZrock Musical

Come enjoy the purity of the young as they sing and say what Jesus has done for us all.  This is the heart of our Sunday service for May 15. [click to continue…]